Bottomley Distillers

Bottomley Distillers is a family owned distillery with a heritage that dates back to the 1950s with the original Mr Stansfield Bottomley.

Mr Bottomley was a small-scale whisky producer, beginning in West Yorkshire before moving on to Lincolnshire in the early 1980s.

Alan Bottomley, his youngest son, was always fascinated by the production of spirit. In 2016, inspired by this inherited skill and the rise in the craft market, he decided to modernise those nearly lost techniques. With the agreement of partner Amy and their daughter Molly, Lincolnshire's oldest distillery was founded.

Set in the quaint market town of Louth in the Lincolnshire Wolds, Bottomley Distillery produces their award-winning gin Pin Gin, along with white label projects. Most excitingly, they have just started casking Mr Bottomleys' original recipe - the only
Lincolnshire Single Malt.

Housed above the beloved stills Rose & Stansfield is the gin school & tasting room.
The Gin School - This class will start with a Gin & Tonic! Whilst you are enjoying their first drink, you’ll delve into the world of gin, talking about the magic of botanicals and how their flavours work together. Our scholars will then make their own recipe from our vast selection of botanicals, from around the world. They will then cook up their very own batch of gin on one of our hand crafted copper-pot stills. While their gin is distilling, you will have a short tour of the distillery floor, closely followed by another gin & tonic! Scholars will then create their own labels, and voila, their batch of gin should be ready! During this time, the recipes will be added to our database so that you can re-order a batch of your very own gin at any time.
The Tasting Room - The tasting room will be offering intimate gin tasting experiences. Learning about gins and tonics, from around the county and the world!
Please contact the distillery for availability.

Fresh from this year’s Lincolnshire Show, Bottomley’s famous Pin Gin Bar will be making an appearance at the Outfields Music Festival as part of Zero Degrees.

Pin Gin
Bottomley Distillers