Brown’s Panorama Trail

Date: Throughout June 2022

Venue: Throughout Louth

The series of 13 different information boards have been created by Louth Town Council that form the Brown's Panorama Trail.  The trails is inspired by the two magnificent 360 degrees panorama paintings, which are displayed in the council’s offices. The paintings show a bird's eye view of Victorian Louth and the surrounding area. Each board illustrates a relevant part of the Panorama along with snippets of historical information.
To accompany the display boards the Town Council have written a Panorama Trail booklet which takes you on a historical journey around the town of Louth passing each of the boards in turn, beginning and ending at St. James’ Church. The boards will be in place during June 2022 and then again at the end of August/beginning of September. More info


Browns panorama Traiil in LouthBrowns panorama Traiil in Louth Westgate browns panorama