Louth Art Trail

Date: Sunday 19th June 2022 at 12 noon

Venue: Meet at Westgate Fields 

Finish at the Navigation Warehouse in time for the beginning of Culture on the Canal

The Art Trail

Louth’s public spaces contain a surprising number of original artworks; some are prominent and well-loved fixtures on the scene, and others are to be found down Louth’s many hidden byways.  Why not explore them on a guided walk around the art of Louth? And during the festival there will be music at selected points along the trail to accompany the visual artworks to add to the experience. Luke Carver Goss will provide live acoustic music with accordion and vocals and Nikolas Konradsen will play a diverse range of early musical instruments, and provide insights into their history.

Begin at The Leaves, in Westgate Fields. Now in the autumn of their days, these wooden sculptures of oak, beech, plane and conker leaves were fashioned in 2002 by Howard Bocott celebrate Louth’s open space, including Hubbards Hills, given to the town in 1907 by Auguste Pahud, in memory of his beloved wife.

Louth art trail Hubbard's Hills

Continue along Westgate to St James’s church where you will see the first of the three Meridian sculptures, a collaboration between sculptor Laurence Edwards and artist Les Bicknell, exploring the Greenwich Meridian as it pops up around town.  The first, Searching, opposite the church, is a familiar friend, and sometimes sports a Christmas cloak of foliage, or a pair of hiking shorts and knapsack for the walking festival. The life size human figure is holding a scroll, symbolising the meridian line emblazoned with words chosen in collaboration with local people.

Louth art trail Bridge Street Westgate

The companions of the first figure are Mapping, by Louth Library, contemplating the line, and Solution, an exuberant female figure, outside Kidgate School, delightedly dancing in discovery

Louth art trail library Northgate

Louth art trail Kidgate

Moving down from Kidgate, we find the Wave, on the bank of the River Lud, a celebration of Louth’s waterways by Simon Percival, who is also the artist of the Wind Direction Indicator and the seating at the Navigation Warehouse, at the finale of the walk.

Louth art trail - Wave, on the bank of the River Lud