Have your pie and eat it in Louth!

Louth pie day
Louth Pie Day on 3 April offers pie lovers a passport to pie heaven.


The market town of Louth in Lincolnshire, renowned for its high-quality and independent food shops, will be centre of the pie-lovers’ universe during its first-ever Louth Pie Day, from 10:00-16:00 on Wednesday 3 April 2019. Independent pie makers and sellers in Louth have joined forces to offer a mouth-watering range of hot and cold, savoury and sweet pies on a unique Pie Trail. Tickets entitle the holder to their choice of five slices of pie during the pop-up event – or to eat as they stroll the charming Georgian and Victorian streets of the town centre on market day. Tickets come with a printed map to navigate the Pie Trail.



There are eight pie-stops on Louth’s Pie Trail – which even has its own live online map as well as a printed version. Pie-stops include a dedicated pie shop, three butcher shops, a baker, and three cafés, all indicated on the pie box map. Tickets are £5 each from participating shops. This ‘pie passport’ entitles the holder to five delicious slices of pie – each from a different shop if you like! Hungry pie lovers can choose from a long list of mouth-watering pies that includes meat, sweet, veggie and vegan, gluten-free options and even special edition pies to celebrate Louth’s very first Pie Day.



Participating shops are butchers Lakings of Louth, Meridian Meats, and Woolliss & Son; baker Pocklington’s Bakery; Smiths Pie & Mash Shop; cafés Tertulia; The Green Cottage Tearoom and The Toadstool Café.


It is hoped that the pie-loving public will get behind this special day to support Louth’s small independent businesses. Louth Is ready to welcome visitors, and hopes to make Louth Pie Day an annual event for everyone to enjoy.


Pie provenance and menu

All the pies will be made on the premises by Louth’s pie-makers. Ingredients are locally sourced where possible – you can even ask your pie seller about your pie’s provenance yourself! And there’s no danger of Louth running out of pies, because these professional pie-makers will be making pies in the backs of their shops all day.
Pies include traditional hot-water pastry pies, developed for cutting when cold – the kind that would have been packed for farm workers’ lunches in the fields of Lincolnshire – as well as newer favourites, and exotic combinations of flavours and styles.
The Louth Pie Chart
Every Louth Pie Day ticket contains a voting slip. Pie-lovers can vote for their favourite pie and drop off their vote at a participating shop. There’s an impressive crystal trophy for the Louth Pie Day favourite. The proposed Louth Pie Chart currently boasts a pie-tastic 30 kinds of pie and includes:
Meat: ½ Pork pies • Pasties • Steak & Lincolnshire Stout • Lamb & Mint • Chicken, Ham & Leek •  Steak • Sausage • Steak & Kidney •  Lincolnshire Game Pie • Steak & Blue Cheese • Beef & Caramelised Onion • Chicken, Leek & Cider • Steak Slice • Cornish Roll • Sausage & Onion Pie
Gluten-free: Homity Pie (an open vegetable pie) • mini Cornish pies • Double Choc Fudge pie
Vegetarian & Vegan: Goats Cheese & Lentil filo pastry • Vegetable Cottage pie• Homity pie  • Vegan pasties
Sweet: Seasonal Fruit Sourdough pie • St. Clements pie • Mississippi Mud Pie • Pecan Pie • Strawberry pie • Pecan Choc Chip pie  • Mystery pie! • Black Forest Crumble Pie • Vegan traybake cake



Louth Pie Day tickets are available in advance and on the day from participating shops.
Tickets are £5 for five slices in advance, or £6 on the day. Buying tickets in advance means pie lovers can pay for as many pie vouchers as they want on the Louth Pie Trail
  • The Green Cottage Tearoom, Vickers Lane
  • Lakings of Louth, Eastgate
  • Meridian Meats, Eastgate
  • Pocklington’s Bakery, Market Place
  • Smiths Pie and Mash Shop, New Street
  • Tertulia, Eastgate
  • The Toadstool Café, Queen Street
  • Woolliss & Son, Mercer Row


Marie Blood of The Green Cottage Tearoom on Vickers Lane said: “The reason I was attracted to Louth in the first place was its independent shops. So many pie makers are getting together to make Louth Pie Day special. It’s a great way to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and taste  different pies, whether vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, like our version of Homity Pie, which was made famous by Cranks vegetarian restaurants.”


Andrew Wright of Lakings of Louth on Eastgate said: “Louth Pie Day is helping increase people’s awareness of Louth being a food town. It’s a great way for the public to support independent retailers whilst feasting on the delicious pies from Lakings of Louth and others on the Pie Trail.


Butcher Jim Sutcliffe of Meridian Meats on Eastgate said: “Louth Pie Day is an ingenious idea to celebrate somewhere as fantastic as Louth. With its high number of independent shops and the range of products available, it lends itself to events like Louth Pie Day. Pies on offer include: Steak & Lincolnshire stout, Lamb & Mint, Chicken, Ham & Leek, a traditional Steak, plus a large selection of traditional ‘cold cutting’ pies.”


Chris Pocklington of Pocklington’s Bakery in the Market Place said: “Louth Pie Day, what a fantastic idea! Why haven’t we done this before? If there were a league table for ‘number of award winning butchers and bakers per head of population’, Louth would be very near the top. How many towns can boast so many award winning manufacturers? So why shouldn’t we shout about it and make the wonderful people of Lincolnshire aware of what fantastic pies are right on their doorstep?


“We will be making a couple of new lines for Louth Pie Day, which we have been developing for a few weeks now and hopefully they will go down a treat. Get into Louth for the first of many Pie Days!”


Lynda McQueen of Smiths Pie & Mash Shop on New Street said: “Louth Pie makers and sellers are keen to showcase their great British pies. It’s great that Louth’s small independent businesses have come together to promote the delicious pies Louth has to offer. A day dedicated to the great British pie will hopefully attract locals and visitors to sample delicious, hand-crafted pies and have fun on the Pie Trail too. Smiths will be serving an amazing Lincolnshire Game pie alongside a Steak & Blue Cheese pie.”


Suzie Dench of Tertulia on Eastgate said: “I think Louth Pie Day is a brilliant idea to promote the individuality of Louth. Its one of the few market towns left that has lots of independent, artisan shops. And anything that encourages people to come and see how wonderful Louth is must be worth supporting! It’s nice to change what we do a bit and come up with new ideas. We’re baking Sourdough with Seasonal Fruits, Mississippi Mud Pie, Pecan Pie and a Tertulia Mystery Pie!”


Marie Robinson of The Toadstool Café on Queen Street said: “The Toadstool Café has joined in Louth Pie Day as it’s a great way for the town to unite and support each other. It’s going to be a fun and exciting day; something completely different for Louth. It’s a brilliant idea because it also brings in people from surrounding areas who may not know Louth has so many pie makers and sellers –  including us! We’ll be serving gluten-free options like mini Cornish Pies and Double Choc Fudge Pie as well as special pies for the day: Beef and Caramelised Onion, Goats Cheese and Lentil filo pastry, Chicken, Leek & Cider, and sweet St Clements Pie, Strawberry Pie, and Pecan Choc Chip Pie”.


John Woolliss of Woolliss & Son on Mercer Row said: “We find shoppers in Louth love supporting local businesses, local farmers and communities in general. Woolliss & Son are part of Louth Pie Day to help raise Louth’s profile in Lincolnshire, so come get your tickets in advance from us. On the day we’re offering slices of our favourites pies, including: Pork Pies, Pasties, Steak Pie, Sausage Pie, Steak & Kidney Pie, and Lamb & Mint Pie.”


  • East Lindsey District Council
  • Louth Independent Traders
  • Louth Town Council


Louth Pie Day event on Facebook – bit.ly/LouthPieDay2019
Louth Pie Trail Google map (live) – bit.ly/LouthPieDayMap



Louth Pie Day has already featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire:
Melvyn Prior’s Melvyn in the Morning on Tuesday 19 March (from 1:13:10) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p071gsrl


Amy Claridge’s Lincolnshire Kitchen on Wednesday 20 March (from 1:12:40) https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p071grdx



Louth Pie Day co-ordinator is Kiat Huang 07526-810553, kiat.huang@gmail.com


The market town of LOUTH (population 16,419  in the 2011 Census) topped the poll as BBC Countryfile magazine’s Favourite Market Town in 2012. It nestles at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and is just 10 miles from the famous wide sandy beaches of the Lincolnshire coast. Louth has a thriving street market, a livestock market, and charming Georgian and Victorian streets; towering over all of this is the 295-foot high gothic spire of St James church. It’s known as the ‘capital of the Lincolnshire Wolds’.