Red Nana’s Cafe & Wine Bar

Opened in 2017, Red Nana’s is a popular and stylish new addition to New Street in Louth.
Serving ‘fusion food' in a relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to catch up with your friends over a coffee or bottle of wine.
Red Nana’s has always been a venue for lovers of laid-back and soulful music, regularly hosting acoustic sessions throughout the year as well as the addition of Latin-American music nights, showcasing Latin, Cuban, Salsa and Bossa Nova tunes.
Reviews of Red Nana’s include:
Host Mark very sociable and puts people at ease making you feel very welcome. The atmosphere is very relaxing it does have that chilled holiday feel where you can enjoy that feel good energy staff hospitality is very friendly and interactive.”
Red Nana’s is unique with good feel varied music evenings. Visit Red Nana’s and relax by yourself or with friends
Love calling in here for coffee... best americano in town...with a biscuit… nice tasty lunch. Love the giros.... great chilled atmosphere... relaxing.. good music too...”
Casual, friendly staff, large wine list… a Local favourite
During the Zero Degrees Festival Red Nana’s will be hosting live music and DJ sessions, so make sure you take a stroll down New Street and check out the vibe.

Red Nana's Louth
Red Nana's Louth