The Gondoliers presented by New London Opera Group

Date: Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th June 2022 - 7:30pm

Venue: Riverhead Theatre, Victoria Road Louth, LN11 0BX

First performed in 1889, the opera tells the story of two gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe Palmieri. Dyed-in-the-wool republicans, the brothers are astonished to discover that one of them is the long-lost heir to a kingdom, and even more surprised to learn that the throne comes with wife attached! The opera features several of the most memorable G&S characters, including the gondoliers themselves, the hen-pecked Duke of Plaza-Toro and his formidable wife, and the ever-looming presence of the Grand Inquisitor. Join us for an evening of midsummer musical mirth.

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Phone: 01507600350