Upp is an internet service provider bringing ultrafast broadband to Lincolnshire, including Louth. We have built our own full-fibre network using fibre-optic technology that goes directly into the home (none of that outdated copper wiring…), making our broadband fast and reliable.

Not only is Upp Trustpilot 5-star rated ‘Excellent’, your first month is free, there are no installation charges, and we won’t raise the price of your broadband service during the contract period.

Our mission is to remove the barriers and interruptions to effortless, connected living. We believe that more people should have access to an internet connection that is reliably fast. With our Next Level Broadband, we can offer symmetrical upload and download speeds (200, 500, or 900Mbps) that are way above the national average and can easily handle the needs of users today.

We’re also proud to support the towns and villages we operate in by creating jobs, and upskilling the local workforce. At Upp, we show we care about the communities we serve by working alongside local businesses, helping charities, attending events, and supporting sports groups.

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UPP Broadband sponsor of Zero Degrees